What is the Green Band™?

The Green Band™ is a community of single people interested in meeting other single people. Wear the Green Band™ to give the green light to other members that you are interested in connecting.

Who should wear the Green Band™?

Anyone who is single and interested in meeting other single people.

What should I do if I see someone wearing the Green Band™?

Introduce yourself and say something like: "I see we have matching wristbands." or "Nice Green Band." You don't have to be interested in the person to connect with them. You never know what might come of a friendly conversation.

If you are interested in them, try to strike up a conversation and see what happens. Take cues from the other person about whether or not they are interested. Be respectful.

When and where should I wear the Green Band™?

Anytime and anywhere. Don't miss an opportunity to meet someone new. You never know where you might meet a good match, even while pumping gas or checking out at the grocery store. 

How can I get one for a friend who is single?

You can order them here.

Can I make them available at my establishment?

Yes. Making the Green Band™ available at coffee shops, bars and events is a great way to help people connect. Contact us here.

Other questions?

Contact us here.